Friday, May 19, 2017

And did you hear what these local Realtors just did?

This just happened... BAM!!
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This just happened... BAM!!




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Hi Kens, 
The Spring Season is here and wow, a full frontal assault... The market needs more sellers!!  Many home owners just do not realize the strong appreciation rates over the past few years.  Many owners just don't know they have more than enough equity to sell and buy their next home.  And many don't realize the Cost of Waiting or COW to sell down later.  
So what is the COW... 

A. Rates are projected to rise over the next couple of years
B. While my own home may go up in value, so will the cost of what I buy.
C. Buying tomorrow with higher rates and prices, is more expensive than buying today with still record low interest rates. 
And many sellers are fearful of putting their home on the market and not finding a home in time... How can you take that fear away?  How can you convey that to a home owner that is on the fence and thinking but fearful? 
And listen to today's short video and see what a small group of Realtors and title people did in a very short time period.  Pretty Amazing and was way cool!

To Your Success,
Ken and the Crew at FAIRWAY

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