Friday, March 30, 2018

The future of Real Estate is here...

Are you prepared to tackle this?
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Are you prepared to tackle this?




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Hi Kens, 
    Happy Friday and yes, March is going out like a lamb and I'm thankful.  I'm ready for Spring, warmth, sunshine, flowers and green...
    As you well know, there is a ton happening in the Real Estate Industry, and the same in the mortgage industry.  Besides fighting an inventory issue, there is much more to it.  
     Uber has a higher stock value than Ford Motor Company, yet doesn't manufacture cars.  Uber and Lyft have "disrupted" the age old taxi cab model that existed for so long.  Can the taxi cab industry continue to do business the way they always have and continue to exist and be profitable?  
      Check out this weeks short video, hear more and get some insight on this topic along with a "must-read" recommendation... all about the future of Real Estate... which is already here.  

To Your Success,

Ken Pederson and Your Home Buying Team at FAIRWAY

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