Friday, June 29, 2018

E-closings... Really? When?

Did this just happen?
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Did this just happen?




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Hi Kens, 

    Happy end of month to you and here we are at the half-way point of the year already!!  Wow!!  
    First, I hope you have a GREAT Day and smooth sailing settlements!!  One of the reasons I love FAIRWAY, is our willingness (it costs money) to send out settlement funds, the day prior to closing.  Here I sit, with a day of closings in front of me and everything is done.  Packages AND wires out.
     Not only does that help me relax, how do our home buyers feel?  How do our buyer agents and listing agents feel?  Money at the table, nothing better than a smooth settlement.
      And yesterday, we had our first "E-Closing"... Listen in and I'll tell you more!!
       Enjoy your weekend, enjoy July 4th, enjoy your Independence!!

To Your Success,

Ken and Your Home Buying Team at FAIRWAY

Happy Independence Day... Here's to July 4th!!          


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