Friday, April 21, 2017

Thinking of or building a TEAM, or are you already?

Check out these 3 critical components to look for
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Check out these 3 critical components to look for




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Hi Kens,
Are you thinking about building a team, or are you already building a team and want a couple of pointers?  Here are the big three things that New England Patriot Head Coach Bill Belichick looks for in his players.  Like him or not, you have to admire his ability to win and get the most out of players that many teams trade or cut.  Listen in to today's short, Ken's Korner.

And on a side note...  Register today, we're filling up and seating is limited!!

"CMRS Lancaster" in Lancaster with Louise Thaxton and Sean Parnell!  Earn your Certified Military Residential Specialist certification and way cool logo, see below!!
Louise Thaxton has taught over 20,000 Realtors in just the past few years on how to work with and communicate more effectively with active soldiers and Veterans.  And she comes with good credentials, at one time, she was one of the top 5 VA Originators in the entire US.  Sean Parnell is a medically retired US ARMY RANGER, NY Times Best Selling Author of "Outlaw Platoon", FOX News Correspondant and more.  Both are coming to Lancaster, to talk, teach, coach and mentor you at no cost.  You just have to pay for your CE, $35.00 to LCAR.  (And if you don't want the CE, it's all free)
* Wednesday May 17th at Bent Creek CC  (Limited seating) 
* 8AM to 9AM registration.  Event Starts at 9AM and ends at 1PM (arrive early!!)
               (Breakfast snacks/lunch included at no cost)

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This is much more of an event and experience than it is a CE Class.  Laugh, learn, maybe even cry... And who knows what may happen at the end of this special day? 

To Your Success,
Ken and the Crew at FAIRWAY

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