Friday, January 26, 2018

How to help your sellers avoid the dreaded "For Sale Contingency?"

Help your sellers to "Move Forward" and grow your business...
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Help your sellers to "Move Forward" and grow your business...




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Hi Kens, 

    Were you at Realtor Summit Training Yesterday?  Yes? well... I hope you enjoyed the fast-paced hour, content and inspirational videos!  Did you miss it?  :( .  You missed a fast-paced hour of relevant content and inspiration and a hot lunch from "Lancaster Burger Food Truck" and good it was!!  Get next month's RST on your calendar now, February 22nd from 12-1 at LCAR!!  Registration will open up in a week or so.  
    As we head into February and soon the Spring Season, more and more sellers are going to be listing their homes.  Now is the time to have conversations with them about inventory and making offers that are Not Contingent on the sale of their home..>
    Listen in and learn a little bit more about our special "Move Forward" program, designed exclusively to help your sellers to move forward, make an offer with no for sale contingency as comfortably and easily as possible.  

To Your Success,

Ken and the Crew at FAIRWAY


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