Friday, May 4, 2018

7 before 11 for more success

A daily strategy towards more productivity, every single day...
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A daily strategy towards more productivity, every single day...




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Hi Kens, 
    Happy Friday and will I see you at "First Friday" in downtown Lancaster tonight?  
     Ever hear or have this conversation... Hey, hows it going?  And the response is... really good, really busy!  
     It seems like everybody is really busy these days... yet, are you being productive.  Having a busy day does not mean you have been productive.   And what's better... busy or productive?
     Listen in on this, almost too simple strategy... to help you towards a more productive day,  getting more accomplished and more success!  

To Your Success,

Ken and Your Home Buyers Team at FAIRWAY

    Our "Move Forward" program is helping Realtors put more signs in yards...  Call us, let's talk.
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