Friday, May 18, 2018

Why are rates going up?

How to protect your buyers and sellers?
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How to protect your buyers and sellers?




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Hi Kens, 
    Happy Friday and Let's Go!!  
Mortgage rates... Yup, going up and up and why?  Listen in to this quick and easy explanation.  And more importantly, how to protect your buyers and keep them in the game.
    And last, put this on your calendar, you do not want to miss our next Realtor Summit Training on Wednesday, June 13th from 3 to 5... A special RST, special location, special guest speaker and so relevant, so good content all for you, the Realtor... to help you and your business.

To Your Success,
Ken and Your Home Buyer's Team at FAIRWAY

PS:  Last week a local Realtor asked me if they could share Ken's Korner with a client and of course, the answer was yes.  It is AOK to share Ken's Korner with fellow Realtors and clients.   Ken's Korner only gets sent to a few lucky people!  :)

                  We're helping sellers make "non-contingent" offers, every day!!
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